Kristen Kanze Photography | About

I have been behind a camera since I was 10. At family gatherings I became the family photographer for a pair of reasons. 1) I didn't like being in photos and if I was behind the camera... Well, I couldn't be in front of it as the same time. 2) I was a people watcher. Once everyone forgot about me and they started being themselves, I would click away.

I started my business in 2004 with the generosity of my sister Jenn and her family. There was a pair of rooms at Jenn's new home in Pennsylvania that were open to me if I wanted to start a whole new life.

And start a new life it did. Business was going well until 2008. And then no one was doing well. But in 2009 I found Bella Baby Photography. A national company that photographs Newborns at hospitals. Not the mugshots most of us remember but professional photos. I took a position at a local hospital a few days a week while the economy was recovering. I have been very thankful for my Bella position. It's helped continue to be a photographer for a living. But lately, I've seen signs that it's time to dust off my office desk and start my business anew.

So, I've updated my website and dropped a few days with the Newborns to do more of my own work.

Oh, and that's me. This photo was taken at one of my Studio Sessions. Regan and Addy Thanks for my new photo. These lovely young ladies expressed interest in taking a few photos... I'm not sure which one of you took this image... so, I thank you both!

Thank you for visiting. I hope to hear from you soon.