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Soy Candle Made from A Hendrick's Gin Bottle (Worth $38, when full of Hendrick's Delicious Gin)


Soy wax is created from soybeans which are natural, biodegradable, and a renewable resource that is grown by American farmers. Soy wax is also slower burning than paraffin wax so it lasts longer.

While may soy candle makers claim their candles are soot-free, the truth is that 100% soot-free candles are a myth. Anything that burns a yellow/orange flame is producing some amount of soot.

Why don't you have colored wax? We love color but using dyes in our candles required larger wicks to be able to burn fully and typically ended up producing more soot in the process.

Discoloration in your candle? Our candles do not have an UV inhibitors added so if they are exposed to direct sunlight or to florescent lighting for long periods, the exposed wax may turn yellow.

Burning times: A minimum burn time of 3 hours (or at least until the melt pool reaches all sides) and no more than 5 hours at a time. Candles should always be kept our of drafts to prevent uneven melting. We also suggest trimming your wick before relighting. Candles will burn best if the excess char is trimmed off before each use.

Never leave your candles unattended while burning and always keep them out of reach of children. Be sure the candle is always clear of other objects when lit. The bottles can become very HOT. Never touch the bottle while lit. If the melt pool becomes too deep or if you see smoke coming from the wick, extinguish the candle immediately and let it fully cool before touching it.

Soy Candle Made from A Hendrick's Gin Bottle

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