About Me

My Dad and Grandad were both avid amateur photographers.
So, perhaps this runs in the family.


At around 10 I really stopped wanting my photo taken and became a difficult subject for my Dad. So, for my birthday I was given a Kodak 126 camera. An my time behind the camera began.

I was given an amazing gift from my sister Jenn in 2004, 2 rooms in her new home in Pennsylvania to start a new life being a photographer.  It took a few years, but by 2008 my business was doing very well.

And then in spring of 2008 the housing market crash changed things for the worse. But, I again had good fortune, about a year later when a friend for mine suggested I join her with a new company called Bella Baby Photography. A newly nation wide Hospital Newborn Photography group. I wasn't sure at first, I didn't want to take Mugshots of babies but I soon found that Bella Baby was different. They hire profession photographers for a mini session in the family's hospital room. I have been with them since  2009.

I have noticed more calls for my own work from old and new clients. So I have dusted off my desk, revamped my website and dropped a few days with the newborns in hopes of going back to my own work full-time in 2020. This February will be Kristen Kanze Photography's 16th Anniversary. Goodness how the time flies.

My hope for you and I working together is a comfortable, casual, and fun session. One were you and your family and relax and be yourselves. The sessions last about 1.5 hours and take place in the comfort of your home or outdoor location we can arrange together.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Coatesville, PA 19320