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Rhinestone Sports Necklace

Inspired by necklaces made by Jose Alvarado of the Philadelphia Phillies for his teammates.

Jose wanted a necklace that represented the colors of the Venezuelan flag. The story reported by Matthew Ritchie says Jose reached out to an online jeweler to commission one. When the seller didn't respond, he decided to make his own.

"I bought the beads and made the necklace," Alvarado said. "And [Bryce] Harper said, 'Hey Alvy, I want one for me.' I said, 'OK,' and then I went and started to make a necklace for everybody on my team. And that was it."

My handmade versions of Mr. Alvaraso's necklaces are approx. 20 inches long.

Rhinestone Sports Necklace 4 Versions

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